so, thing goes like this: guen likes to write, antonella likes to make graphics, guen sucks at making graphics and antonella sucks at writing! so we decided we're cool and awesome enough to make a tumblr together because why the hell not anyway, right? and we'll post... random... stuff. wow that was clear! whatever, you know, like fan castings and headcanons of stuff we watch/read and drabbles with graphics and blabla... you get the idea, right? right.

i guess you could request something? if you wanted to? maybe yeah, why not, i mean as long as we're like ~into the fandom you're requesting, you know. yeah idek, maybe someday this ~description bar will be less confusing and more, well... descriptive, but meanwhile just go with it

also, we're not normal people those pictures are just proof that we're not but this is tumblr who the hell is normal here anyway

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